Community Projects

As a parent contribution, I chose to involve myself in several art installation events during the time my two daughters attended our local schools, Eltham Primary School and later Eltham High School.

Eltham Primary School

At the primary school I worked in partnership with my friend Kate Hudson, a printmaker, whose children also attended the same school. You can see some images from the project HERE.

Kate worked with year six students to make lino prints in class, we then re-used the printing blocks, impressing them into clay and incorporating some of each students' work into the permanent mosaic installation in the school yard.

Eltham High School

At Eltham High School I was approached to coordinate the design, production and installation of a 4 metre diameter circular Tile Installation into a prepared site in a central school courtyard. This project involved many students in the design development, tile making, colouring and glazing, as well as the final installation. We were assisted by Northcote Pottery who donated all the clay and Eltham Living and Learning Centre who made their large pottery kiln available for the many firings needed to produce all the tiles. You can see some images from the project HERE.

The central motif is a compass which is surrounded by a stylised river representing the Diamond Creek. Inside this are many circular disc tiles which contain small images from student crafted ceramic stamps. Beyond the river to the border can be found tile representations of a number of local Eltham historic sites. The circumference of the tile circle which borders the design contains the names of all those who took part in the many stages.

Eltham Living and Learning Centre

Kate Hudson and I shared an association with the Eltham Living and Learning Centre over a number of years, teaching classes in a range of arts and crafts. We were invited to collaborate in the production of the Commemorative Plaque which hangs at the Centre, celebrating 30 years of community involvement.