Here are a selection of works exhibited in recent years.

I like to work in series which helps me to experiment and refine the form of each piece while responding to the emerging aesthetics. I usually begin with wheel thrown elements, cylinders of different dimensions, grooved discs and dropped slabs. These will later be stretched and reshaped as needed. I like to work with the clay slightly stiffened to a point where it has some spring and resistance to my touch.

As I work, I have in mind the contribution the Raku firing processes will make to the piece, especially the complex smoky blacks on the unglazed clay contrasting with any of the glaze possibilities.

Biomorphic Series

Companion Pair closed form and narrow vessel, crackle glaze, H 34cm

Untitled tray, draped Series, thrown and altered textured additions, mottled lustre, L 39cm

Untitled wide & medium vessels draped series, thrown and altered, mottled lustre glaze, W 32cm, W 18cm

Glaze Pool wide shallow vessel, W 38cm

Rising Circles closed form with foot, H 32cm (with obverse view)

Untitled closed form, green/black glaze with holes, H 23cm (with obverse view)

Untitled large squared rim vessel, crackle glazed, grooved interior, W 40cm (with detail view)

Untitled squared rim vessel, red with lustre splashes, W 23cm

On Reflection Inner Spaces Series, wall-mounted ceramic, thrown and hand-built elements, H 30cm (with detail view)

Zig Zag Vessels thrown and altered, orange glaze, H 22cm, H 25cm